Water Purification
Water Purification



Undersink Filters

This Water purification system uses the Reverse Osmosis
Membrane as well as 4 different filters.

Water Purification

Stages of Water Purification Filtration


5 Micron Filter
A 5 Micron Filter removes sediment and particular
matter to 5 micron range which protect the membrane.

Carbon Filter
Removes Chlorine, harmful chemicals, synthetic detergents
as well as other organic contaminants.

1 Micron Filter
A 1 Micron Filter removes dead bacteria and particular
matter to 1 micron range which protects the membrane.

A 0,0001 Micron Reverse Osmosis Membrane eliminates
heavy metals. Arsenic Radio active materials etc.
Separates pure water and drain.

Post Filter
Removes odours, chlorine and bacteria again.
Give taste to water.


These filters gives you the Best Water Purification available

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