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Aqua Pure Water Filters to Use at Home
By Christopher J

The Aqua Pure water filter corporation states that you should test your existing water supply before you purchase any water filter, so that you can decide what your needs of your household will be. For example, filters that remove organic compounds may not be capable in removing heavy metal compounds. Process of a nine-point examination is usually necessary to determine what your household's water purification needs are.

These water tests use a sample of your water, and a special test strip is inserted in it. After the test, the color of the strip is placed against a color chart, which tells the tester what toxins or impurities might exist in your water.

The most frequent contaminants tested for are: nitrate or nitrite amounts, hydrogen amounts, water hardness, alkalinity, chlorine content, bacterial content and type, sulfide content, free chlorine content, copper, sulfate, iron, or chloride amounts, and pH level.

Aqua Pure water filters have been rated based upon the amount of microns they can filter out. For example, residential filters will usually range between 5 microns and .05 microns. The lower the micron the filter can filter out, the more comprehensive filtration is.

A micron is a measure of pollutant that gets through the filter. Therefore, the lowest number is by far more effective at releasing smells, particles, granulars and various other pollutants in our drinking water.


Basic Aqua Pure water filters will remove rust along with dirt from your water. It filters up to 5 microns with a flow rate of 20 to 28 gallons per minute, depending on the amount of pressure.

Plenty of Replacement Filters Available

If you replace the Aqua Pure water filter cartridge when necessary, it will maintain a constant purification level in your household water supply. To determine when the filter should be replaced, look for the following:

Water pressure diminishment: If your water flow through the filter begins to diminish and it is not a result of reduced water pressure itself, you can "backwash" the filter, meaning to rinse it with water to try to remove whatever is clogging it.

If you notice water beginning to smell or taste of impurities that you had not noticed since your installation of the filter, it's time to replace it. Under normal circumstances, though, you'll notice a decrease in water pressure through the filter before you'll notice a return in bad smell or taste of the water. Because the filtration is only as efficient as the filter itself, changing the cartridge frequently will ensure that you maintain top notch pure water in your household.

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